Can You Use Two Single Doors To Make A Double Door?

Having a double door in the house can be a good decision for several reasons. Not only can it be more of a feature, it can act as an entrance door and allow for more room while people come and go.

It can also give a more elegant and grand look in the front of a home. And it can act as an interior door that opens into a connecting room like the dining or living area, kitchen, or library.

It is possible to make two single doors into a double door, however it may not be as simple as you think and can be quite challenging. It’s advised to use a professional carpenter, as there will be some technical aspects that need precise work.

Double French Doors

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What To Know About Converting Two Single Doors Into A Double Door

The most important part of this project is making sure the door frame is equal on both sides. So, expanding the door frame equally is crucial. It is also essential to extend the rough opening so that it is aligned in a symmetrical way with the exterior and interior walls.

To do this successfully, having accurate measurements of the single doors is necessary. Also, having two doors of identical is necessary.  

Ask yourself, how big do you want the double door to be. Make sure that the double doors will fit the space in a suitable way, without being overwhelming. You should also consider the final design and look you want and can look at pictures online to get an idea. You will also need to decide whether you would like to use 2 panel or 3 panel doors.

It is not impossible to do this task all by yourself. However, if you don’t have expertise in the area, you should get a professional contractor to do the job. Doors can be quite heavy to move and the process can be difficult and time-consuming. So, you can rest and let a professional handle this work.

Usually the professional will create a rough opening where you want the double door to be and then slide the frame into it. Then, the doors will be mounted onto the hinges and be adjusted in a way that provides a smooth opening and closing.

What Is The Installation Process?

As mentioned earlier, you can decide to do this as a DIY project yourself. But it’s more practical if you already have some know-how about how doors work.

Here are the step-by-step instructions you can follow:

  1. Choose two doors of the nearest possible size. Take accurate measurements of both the door sizes, not just one individual half of the door pair. 
  2. Add a rebate edge to both the doors to allow them to overlap at the point where they meet. This also helps them to sit at an even level when closed. The rebate is a lipped edge that works as a pair maker. Remember, that the rebate will add about 12mm of thickness to the door.  
  3. It is easy to add the rebate edge. Choose a clean and straight timber type that matches the timber on your door. If the doors have a thickness of 35mm, choose a timber that is 17mm x 12 mm thick. If the doors are 40mm thick, then choose a timber that is 20mm x 12mm thick.
  4. Now, cut the timber so that it matches the height of the door precisely. 
  5. You need to decide which way you want the first, leading door to open. Make a pencil mark on the door edge where you want to add another rebate.
  6. Now, lay the rebate timber flat and apply a thin line of wood glue along its length. Put the door on its edge while in a standing position and place the rebate on the chosen edge. You can use small nails (around 30mm) and tap them into the rebate timber. Make sure that they are angled to face away from the door front to avoid accidents.
  7. Using a nail punch, tap the pins or nails below the rebate timber’s surface. Also, fill in the pinholes with a matching timber filler and sand. Do this while it is still soft as it will be easier and give a neater finish.
  8. Now, repeat the same process on the other door to form a pair of doors.

Final words

This project’s success will depend mainly on your knowledge of woodwork as well as having a clear visualization of what you want the finished pair to look like.

You can visit a store and take a look at pre-hung single doors and double doors. Look at the gaps around the doors and their hinges. Also, pay attention to the overlapping of the top jamb and the two side jambs. 

A good idea is to take some close-up shots of how the doors are attached together. This will help you in recreating the same thing and give you a more clear direction when you start working. Best of luck!