Door Hinge Pin Keeps Falling Out – Here’s How To Fix It

Do you have a door hinge pin that keeps falling out?

It may happen if the hinge isn’t tight enough against the pin. It’s frustrating when it falls out every time you open the door. However, you can easily fix it by tapping it back into place with a hammer, but it’s likely a two person job and won’t necessarily stop it happening again.

If you have problems with your hinge pins at home, you’ll want to fix them as it’ll quickly become annoying having to replace them every time they fall out. Letting it go without a permanent fix can make the pins fall out more frequently as they wear out over time, not to mention the risk of losing it and being left without the ability to use a door until you get a replacement.

Everything you need to know about stopping your door hinge pin coming out is below.

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What Is a Door Hinge Pin?

A door hinge pin is a small metal rod / pin that sits vertically inside the middle of the door hinge. It holds the two parts of the hinge together and allows the door to swing open without falling out of place. Without the pin, the hinge wouldn’t work and the door won’t pivot very well.

If the door hinge pin is loose and keeps falling out, it can make the door harder, or even impossible to open or close. It could even potentially jam it shut if it sits at just the right angle. Correcting the issue with the pin will allow you to use your door much more comfortably.

As time passes, door hinge pins can see a lot of wear. The door’s weight might cause the pin to come out, making the hinges loose too. 

The door hinge pin is a small cylindrical piece that sits in the center of the hinge. It usually looks like a nail because it has a flat head on top, which keeps the pin from sliding through the hinge and falling on the floor. 

How To Put Pin Back in Door Hinge

Even if you have a stubborn door hinge pin, you can usually quickly put it back. You’ll probably want to have a helper because you may need to lift the door back into the correct place so that everything aligns properly. Have them hold the door, ensuring all the hinges align and the door is as straight as possible. 

Once the door is back in place, hold the door right under the hinge. When the hinges align, slide the metal pin back into the hinge. Then, tap it with a hammer. The hammer should push it in snuggly to not fall back out. You should push it in as far as possible without damaging it. You don’t need to use too much force to accomplish this.

If it isn’t sliding in, there’s potential the pin has bent when falling out, which will mean you will need to get a replacement.

However, if the pin still comes out again, you can hit the middle of the pin with a hammer before putting it back in. The dent will help hold the pin in place better. However, you will need to use the hammer to force it back into the hinge after denting it.

In short, you only really need a hammer to put the pin back in the door hinge. Tapping its head with the hammer will force it back into place. For many people, this method works, and the pin doesn’t come back out for a very long time. However, it’s possible to have very stubborn pins!

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How Do You Keep a Hinge Pin in Place?

If your door hinge pin keeps falling out, you’ll want to know what you can do to keep it in place permanently. While getting a new hinge and pin set is an option, it’s better that you try fixing it on your own first.

Start by checking for the head of the pin. It’s not uncommon for hinges to be upside down on the door- someone installed it incorrectly. You can remove the pin and place it in the hinge the correct way, with the head on top of the hinge. That way, gravity won’t force it out.

If it’s not upside down, apply some metal lubricant to the pin and hinge before hammering it back in. Usually, the oil is enough to stop friction from the door from moving the pin out.

If these two solutions don’t work, you’ll probably need to get a new hinge and pin set – we recommend this one.

A Long-Term Solution To Stop a Falling Hinge Pin

You can remove the door and reinstall it, although many consider this a last-ditch effort. During reinstallation, you’ll need to make sure that everything aligns correctly. A misaligned door can cause the pins to slide up and out of the door hinges slowly.  

If nothing else seems to keep the pin in place, then you can buy and install a new set of door hinges. Sometimes the hold pins are too worn out to stay in the hinges for very long.

Final Thoughts

You have plenty of options when it comes to dealing with pesky door hinge pins that keep falling out.

You’ll want to check that the door hinges are first in the correct place, with the pins facing the right way before you do anything else. It’s usually a simple fix, that’ll probably require a second pair of hands to help align the door and a simple hammer and some patience.