Not Enough Room for Trim Around Door – What to Do?

Door Trim

You probably saw the problem coming. It’s not easy to miss the fact that there’s not a whole lot of room left on one side or the other when framing a door. When the time comes to install the trim/casing, you have a problem. When it comes to doors, the problem is doubled …

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Paint Peeling Off Fiberglass Door – Why & What Should You Do?

Paint Peeling

Fiberglass is a common material used for exterior doors. It’s popular because it’s durable, easy to paint, and relatively cost-effective. However, over time, the paint on fiberglass doors can begin to peel off, making them look a bit worse for wear. You may find that fiberglass will peel off your door if it …

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How To Hang Door Curtains [5 Great Methods]

How To Hang Door Curtains

Door curtains are not only a nice soft touch to add to your home, they are also helpful for providing privacy and protection from natural elements like the sun. If you’re planning to add a door panel curtain, you also might be wondering how to install them, we’re going to go through exactly …

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