Sliding Glass Door Not Closing Flush

Sliding glass corner doors

When a standard door has a problem with the hinges, you can still shut the door to keep the weather out while contemplating a fix. Not so with a sliding glass door. Not closing flush usually creates a gap (depending on the severity) that you can’t seal off while you figure out what’s …

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Sliding Patio Door Won’t Unlock – Here’s What To Do

Sliding Patio Door

Nobody wants to pay a locksmith to come over and fix what seems to be a simple mechanism. Most (not all) sliding glass doors feature what are called, clasp locks. The shaft sits inside the door frame and a clasp from the locking mechanism closes over the shaft when you lock it. There …

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Can You Replace Just One Side Of A Sliding Glass Door?

One of the best ways to allow natural light into your house is by installing a sliding glass door. It also adds an aesthetic look to your home and gives it a beautiful view from the inside. However, like any glass product, a sliding door can also get damaged or broken. In this …

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