Why Is My Garage Door Not Opening But Motor Is Running?

Garage Door Motor

It can be very inconvenient to deal with a broken garage door, especially when you’re trying to get your car out. The issue can get even more frustrating when the garage door motor runs and you can hear it, but the door itself doesn’t open.  There are four main reasons for a garage …

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How To Trim The Bottom Of A Door Without Taking It Off

Sanding A Door

The main reason people want to trim their door is when it doesn’t swing smoothly when opening and closing and gets stuck or caught. When a door is correctly installed, there is typically only a fraction of an inch between the door and frame. This gives a tight seal while allowing the door …

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Can You Replace An Interior Door Without Replacing The Frame?

Corner Door

You may want to change your door for a number of reasons like improving its appearance, added security, curb appeal, or simply because the old door looks worn out or is damaged. One common question in this scenario is, can you keep the old door frame while installing a new door? Or rather, …

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How To Fix A Stripped Screw Hole In A Metal Door

Metal Doors

Metal doors have a number of advantages that make them a popular choice for households and businesses. They provide durability, security, and are easy and affordable to maintain. You’ll find multiple screws in a metal door, whether it’s to attach handles, hinges, push plates or other fixtures. However, sometimes you can face the …

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How To Stop Water From Coming Under A Door?

Water Coming Under The Door

Not only is it a nuisance, but water coming in from under a door can be potentially damaging for your home. This can happen whenever there is an opening between the inside and outside of your house as it makes it possible for water to get in. However, there are several solutions to …

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Why Are English Door Knobs So High? Plus More Door Facts!

High Door Handle

Have you ever wondered why English door knobs are so high? Now, this question may seem random, but it has a very fascinating answer.  According to historians, these high door knobs were meant to give a cosy look to rooms with high ceilings. It was also an optical trick to make the ceiling …

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Why Is My Door Shaking By Itself?

White Closed Door

You’ve closed the door and settled down to relax when you notice that the door is shaking by itself. Not only can this be downright scary, but it’s also perplexing – why it is happening? It can be hard to figure out why a door would start shaking on its own. But there …

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How To Open A Locked Storm Door

Storm Door

You might find yourself in a rut if your storm door gets locked and you can’t open it for some reason. This can happen due to several reasons, like the cold weather causing the latch to freeze, or someone leaving it closed from inside while you’re stuck outside. You’d now have to figure …

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Are Pull Up Bars Bad For Door Frames?

Pull Up Bar

Many people who are passionate about working out want an easy way to do so at home. One piece of equipment that is very popular is a door frame pull up bar. However, there is a common notion that pull up bars are bad for doorframes. If you’re considering purchasing one, you’ll probably want …

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How To Stop Bugs From Coming Under The Door

Dead insect

Are you trying your best to keep insects from entering your home but they still manage find a way to sneak in? Maybe you have closed all the doors and windows, kept the house clean, and made every attempt to stop this from happening, yet there’s no solution that works. So, how do …

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Can You Use Two Single Doors To Make A Double Door?

Double French Doors

Having a double door in the house can be a good decision for several reasons. Not only can it be more of a feature, it can act as an entrance door and allow for more room while people come and go. It can also give a more elegant and grand look in the …

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Why Do Old Houses Have A Door On The Second Floor?

Second Floor Door

Most old homes had some fascinating yet perplexing features that often seem baffling to us today. For a modern-day home owner, one of the biggest mysteries is why many older houses had a door on the second floor.  The upper area of the house was often used to store hay, grain and other …

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How Hard Is It To Kick In A Door?

Kicking In A Door

Sometimes you may just find yourself in a situation when you need to kick down a door. This could be in the case of an emergency or if a family member gets locked in, or many other possible scenarios. When your only option is to kick in the door with sheer force, you …

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How To Put Quarter Round Around Door Trim

Quarter Round Trim

Quarter round trim is a great finishing touch to your baseboards, but also can be used around your door trim. It neatly covers up the gap between the door trim or baseboard and the floor. Quarter round is similar to shoe moldings and are quite affordable and easy to install. You can paint …

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Can You Fill A Hollow Core Door With Foam?

Spray Foam

If you want to turn a hollow door into a solid one, improve its insulation, or soundproof it, you might be wondering if you could fill it with foam. It is possible, but carrying it out successfully isn’t a simple job and will require you to be get it right the first time. …

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